Chapter / Chapter Forms (usually filed each semester/quarter - formerly part of the NCR excel file)

Beginning 2/15/18, and until further notice, make MSCR, COER, Co-Op, Depledge, and Initiation reports via the Chapter Management Tool (the google doc / annual report system).  

Contact your Regional Director(s) for assistance or more information.  


Before starting each form, please have before you the precise ConstituentID for each person about to be reported in some manner.  The ConstituentID (or ChapRoll) is the unique identifier for each person in our membershipi database. It combines a chapter abbreviation and roll number in an alphanumeric abbreviation. Consult the most recent National Dues List for each person's  ConstituentID. Learn more about chapter abbreviations. 

The Initiation Report is due right after initiation, and not more than 2 weeks later to avoid $25/initiate penalty.  At the time the Initiation Report is submitted, the Central Office will generate an Invoice for all related charges, and request confirmation of a viable shipping address for badges/shingles.  Please also submit separate Depledging Report at that time.

While those being reported as initiated do not yet have a ConstituentID, the Roll Number you provide for each one will be used to generate that ConstituentID so be sure that it is correct.  Those being reported as depledged will not yet have an assigned ChapRoll so be certain to use proper spelling of names to faciliate correct processing.

The Officer Election and Membership Status Change are due by September 15, February 15, and May 15 for those schools on Semester system.  For those on Quarter system, they are due September 15, February 15, March 15, and June 15.  

The Co-op Form need only be submitted by the September and February deadlines.  

While due by those dates, the forms can be submitted as soon as each semester/quarter ends since the data is likely known at that time.  There is a late fee of $25 / officer for failure to file these reports in a timely manner.

Other Forms / Information

Premature Alumnus Status Request - Undergraduate
(Not to be used for those graduating school, withdrawing from school, or transferring to another school.)

Premature Alumnus Status Request (four year) 
(May only be used who have been Theta Tau members for at least 4 years) 

Premature Alumnus Status Request (Graduate Student) 
(Not to be used by undergrads) 

Student Membership Return Request  
(May only be used by those previously granted Premature Alum status.)

More forms and manuals may be found here.

Publications may be found here.


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